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Students, who decide to live off-campus, face a number of issues throughout their stay. For this type of accommodation, a student either has to share a home or find a private home for himself. This can be very time consuming because students have to go through real estate websites and contact the landlords directly.


It is beneficial for students to find accommodation with other students if they choose to live off-campus. Going for private accommodation, or moving in with working professional is not good because students will not have anyone to seek academic help from. When you are working on your coursework assignment, you would prefer to be around other students, who can help you with the writing work in case you get stuck. Living alone is good for privacy, but such an accommodation can make students lazy and lonely. International student may choose to live with students from the same country, or from another country.


Living with domestic students might not be a good idea, because their lifestyle will be completely different as compared to international students. Even though off-campus accommodation has many problems, it is still good for students who can face challenges in their life. Such an accommodation generally provides a better life experience as compared to living in college dorms.



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