Meet the head chef behind Wagatomo

Chef Tomo

Chef Tomoyuki is evolving with the times and growing his cooking style with Wagatomo, drawing inspiration from his past experiences with food and culture, and applying it alongside a series of new ideas and creations.

He brings his culinary prowess from stints at 2 Michelin-starred restaurants like Ristorante Aso in Daikanyama, Tokyo, and Melisse in Santa Monica, USA. He also spearheaded the openings of Akira Back in Jakarta, New Delhi and Singapore.

During his time at Akira Back Singapore, the restaurant was awarded the MICHELIN Plate in 2018, 2019, and 2021 under his innovative culinary leadership. After Akira Back and, most recently, Gyu San, Chef Tomoyuki is ready to play with literal fire, letting his charcoal grill set the pace and conversations at Wagatomo.

An avid world traveller

Chef Tomoyuki’s upbringing is a colourful patchwork quilt of the different fabrics of cultures and life, shaping his global outlook in his brand of cuisine.

Carrying with him culinary arts experience from around the world, he carves a niche in his attention to detail and focus on creating memorable dishes using refined techniques, bold flavours, contrasting textures and playful presentation.

About Wagatomo

Wagatomo is Chef Tomoyuki’s home to a bolder, smokier brand of modern Japanese creations. Expect grounded experiences and wholesome ingredients cooked in authentic and modern methods. Centred around a buzzing open kitchen, it cooks up premium meats and seafood using an open grill fired by the distinctive binchotan charcoal.

Wagatomo borrows its name from the spinoff of Chef Tomoyuki’s name to carry dual meaning – “I am Tomo” and “We are friends” both an ode to a place intended as a setting to create memories centred around good food, good conversations and good times.

Minimalism sets the pace

Welcoming guests to a place of Japanese refinement and quiet elegance. A wooden screen door slides open to a cosy dining room set against dark stone walls. Upon entry, guests are greeted with an impressive display of Wagatomo’s unique collection of curated sakes.

Dine within a modern setting of muted bronze tones that allows the food and drink to shine. A private dining room that seats 8 comfortably is available for parties seeking more exclusivity.